Three Poems by Amy Ouzoonian

He took the girl, who trusting him,
followed and watched as he
reached into his pocket and
produced a walnut and nut-
cracker. He said, "would you like
to see the shape of the human lung?"
She did. He cracked the shell
removed the meat cleanly
and placed it in her thin open hand.
"It looks like a butterfly," she said
and ate the half while the other
dropped on the floor,
rolled under a table and into a crack
where nothing lives or breathes,
and so, 
can never die.


Amy Ouzoonian is a poet, playwright and editor of three anthologies of poetry. She is the author of a book of poems, Your Pill (Foothills Publishing 2004). She is also the editor of A Gathering of the Tribes magazine issue #13 and a board member of Tribes non-profit organization. She has had two of her plays produced off broadway and will have her third play, Of Love and Bush, produced in September at WOW cafe Theater. Ouzoonian lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.