Five Poems by Eero Ruuttila

#1 (for John Ashcroft)
He kept the still way back in the woods.
sold half gallons for $2.
the FBI flew over it looking for smoke.
the Law knocked down his front door.
Hell of a way to enter a house ain’t it?!!
His bulldog clamped down on the Officer…
Now if a man knocks down your front door your dogs gonna get him-
a dogs got to go get him if he’s any good.
#2 (for Donald Rumsfeld)
Hows rabbits die?
I don’t mean the ones you shoot
but a rabbit must get old & run off & die somewhere
you never see a dead rabbit in the woods
If they just fell over & died the crows would leave their bones & you could always
see them & know who died
but you never see a dead rabbit in the woods
never see a dead possum or coon for that matter either…
#3 (for George Bush)
Pork will put the Devil in you.
Pigs the cause of all the fightin & killin & muggin in this world-
Now a pigs a mean Motherfucker!!
When God sent his ship w/all his animals on it pigs jumped off & killed themselves.
Thats why you get mean when you eat them-
It’s the Devil in them.that’s getting to you!
You can feel them when you dream.
Whole plants fall on you after you eat pork!