Three Poems by Angelo Verga

I am an innocent customer she says
It’s not my fault your sales ringer rang
Up the wrong thing, I bought two of everything
And was disappointed twice, since the purchase
Your prices have changed, I want to receive
A discount retroactively on all sales
There was a defect in the sizing and also the price
I didn’t have time to try anything on
It fit me before I become more voluptuous
What kind of manager can’t change the price?
I’ve wasted 15 minutes of my time
"Honey this man doesn’t understand me
Could you please rearrange his mind?"
I’ll never shop here again if
I get everything I want now



Angelo Verga curates @ 350 literary readings per year at the seminal Cornelia Street Cafe, in Manhattan, & elsewhere. His poems have appeared in Rattle, Manhattan Review, Massachusetts Review, New Orleans Poetry Forum, Blue Mesa Review, Saint Ann's Review, Paterson Literary Review, New York Quarterly, The Temple, Connecticut Poetry Review, Barrow Street, Heliotrope, and numerous other journals. A Hurricane Is (Jane Street Press, 2003) is currently in a third printing. His most recent collection, 33 New York City Poems (2005) is published by Booklyn.