A shadow of a horse
passed over the door
as she stood facing west
waiting for deliverance

some dreams come on dark nights
chasing down the power in the heart

and those Indian elders
spoke to her
of the good death

how many of us know our end?
In that moment of true connectedness, the beam of truth almost like a guitar
a triangle of determined strength
decapitated with a questioning eye


becoming totem

stripped ravaged raw skinned peeling

Picasso's horses dance behind


Linda Cleary is a performer - poet - writer - artist, based in the UK, who has been writing poetry and prose for over 20 years & creating non-traditional, diverse performances, at times utilising music and film, since 2000. Her performance poetry and style has been seen as unique, strong, raw and challenging; 'Powerful, uncompromising, rhythmic verse...Tough, lyrical beauty. Packs poetic punches, with aching sensitivity. A unique new voice. If you need a comparison, think...a young Joolz Denby, laced with Patti Smith overtones.' (Apples&Snakes 05) She has been selected to be writer in residence in August 07 at Can Serrat International Art Centre in Barcelona.