Bus shelters are the center of the universe
for bums and down-and-out whores.

Bus shelters are ideal training grounds
for graffiti artists and the in-place to show off
body art like tattoos and pierced nipples.

Many bus shelters double up
as drinking holes and toilets
which make them very popular
with the sherry and cider take-away-brigade.

It is a known fact that in bus shelters more virgins
have been propositioned than at Rolling Stone
And, ninety nine times out of a hundred, food found
in bus shelters comes from Macdonalds or Burger King.

Bus shelters are also a really cool place for scoring.

The more up market bus shelters have slits
in the wall for used needles disposal.

Incidentally more political solutions
have been made in bus shelters than in the White
And pro rata by the square metre more revolutionaries
have protested in bus shelters than in Times Square.

There’s a ridiculous rate of success for bus shelters
as dumping grounds for used condoms and unwanted
items that recycling centres won’t except.

It should be noted that bus shelters
that are also bus company fare stages
are a favourite haunt for bus inspectors
and to be honest this does lower the tone of them a

Sadly, bus shelters are no good in a war zones
they are bloody useless in offering protection
against tanks, suicide bombers and nuclear fallout.



Les Merton is the founder, editor of Poetry Cornwall. He’s also written eleven books including four poetry collections, The latest is the beat styled, Inspired by Outlaws. Poems from this collection, with specially composed music by The Moontones, are on the CD, Beat Reality.