But I had to get going and stop moaning, so I picked
                up my bag...
                                Jack Kerouac - On the Road: Part One, Chapter 3.

I’m not drifting to escape
I don’t feel that I must turn over a new leaf
drifting is what I do. Drifting is a way of life for

I like drifting through highways and byways of the
this is a road of self discovery and for a moment;
is just a few mediations away...

Occasionally, I drift down the road of despair
feel there is only one answer: that answer is usually
a journey into the unknown without a return ticket.

I know that black days are the birth of the blues
and I move on... shift into the light. Step higher.
Drift slowly
into myself : experience day to day anxiety climax
into freedom.

Drifting on the road through life
I instinctively feel the next step is the step
that brings me near that unforgettable experience.

I keep going, what’s the point of looking back?
I drift, I survive. Failure, success, highs and lows
make me what I am, give me personal satisfaction.
Is there anything else worth living for.



Les Merton is the founder, editor of Poetry Cornwall. He’s also written eleven books including four poetry collections, The latest is the beat styled, Inspired by Outlaws. Poems from this collection, with specially composed music by The Moontones, are on the CD, Beat Reality.