The taste of your words in my mouth
winding their way through the soft tissue.
Tongues tie,
words jumble.
Clever and cool
Murky and moody
Your voice burrows
licking lightly the largesse of my mind.
lullaby = macaroni
umbrella  = Abyssinia
symphony = daredevil
bodhran = samba
periscope = foreplay
“apropos of logic I consider myself very likable.”
Tristan comes to me at night
And urges me to da da dance to the manifesto
Just for you
Thought is made in the mouth
Words are made in the mouth
Passion made in the mouth
Desire in the mouth
So says Tristan.
Your mouth searches,
reaches into the back pocket
of my heart of the mind
reaching as far as it dares
But you don’t take all
Just what I can spare.                                    



Christine says: "I am a NYC performance poet. I produce and mc a few shows for the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan, like the NYC College Slam, Love Poetry Hate Racism, and Bowery Kids. I teach poetry, creative writing, and composition at Westchester Community College. And although I'm of eastern European gypsy descent, I can be seen swinging around town with Niall O'Leary's band of wild Irish dancers performing at all the NYC hot spots, including Symphony Space, BB Kings House of Satisfaction, and all the real Irish pubs in NYC."