for Alyona Lyubarskaya

i set fire to the rain, and it burns
and they tell me, there’s no more you
can you believe it, they’re all nuts
i don’t get it, what does it mean, no more you
i don’t get it, why it should be, no more you
you sit here, smiling at the twilight, saying your poems
Emma is coming, you say, and i didn’t buy any bread
i don’t get it, how comes, no more you
i still wear your crucifix and your ring
you’re telling me, write on, Zima, and God bless you
and just as i scratch my letter to you ‘cross the clouds
they explain it to me, there’s no more you
i set fire to the rain, and it burns
i return all fallen snow to the skies
and i’ll believe, i swear, that this planet is round
only when i meet you on it somewhere


Tatiana Zima is a poet and kulturträger or "culture promoter". Born in 1968 in the port of Vanino, she currently lives in Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East. She has been extensively published by local and national literary magazines, and is the author of the award winning book Brackets (2004). She is also a publisher of the Vladivostok alternative poetry collection Fishes and Birds (2006).