Mitch Corber

Chase change in chiméra's conduit,
peak at the pluck of weather's feather.
Swap opportunities in dizzy song,
a surrogate leaping deeper-than-thought,
conscious as a wheel cog,
consummate as a cheering union.

Ride the wakened blend of back-break,
for god sakes a siren shimmering on the wane,
the brain-drain abandoned to a tortoise shell
of hellbent Wednesdays, a spooning outcrop
of the thrumming dumbing down of
bound sweat and braggage.

Move me as any movie
from a voyeuristic crouch
in trial-bubble bingo,
the ringtone nesting in a pensive
lemondrop opportunity.

While the peal of an early bell
deciphers its piety in a pricked blister,
to etch a wretch his bloody bond of crotch and hairs,
assembling in a wintry blink
this bare reference to the shin of shy resurfacings,
the bleating treatment of a bully goat.

Slashed as an asking price, tonight's itinerary
spites the sticker shock of drip-dry druids
in fluid robe, giving Death the breath it dreads,
in a seismic nocturnal foraging,
maintaining a moth-eaten mortgage
of the sordid spackled facts.


Mitch Corber
Awardee of the New York Foundation for the Arts and producer of NYC's Poetry Thin Air Cable Show, I founded the Thin Air Video Poetry DVD Archives ( which include Ginsberg, Corso, Ashbery, Di Prima, and Cage. I've read throughout NYC and I've appeared in Blackbox Manifold, Listenlight, Blazevox, Columbia Poetry Review, Nedge, Mirage and tight. 'Quinine', my book of poems, is published by Thin Air Media Press and is available at