Scott Wannberg

my homework ate something bad
the house now can't sleep
send in the reserves
tell the sane people i still intend to join up
the walls speak weird
about how frustrated they are from being unable to sing
something in the instant breakfast
the way the powers that be aren't powering up at all anymore
all the animals i ever hoped to become
nervously pace the bridge
trying to out captain each other
tell the ocean to revert back to a creek
let me know when land spots us
my homework wanted to be the first one on the block
to feel the new epiphany
but that epiphany got recalled for
driving without a valid license
the hep people can't keep their footwear on
the photo ops are missing in action
someone fetch me a machine that knows how to fetch things
confused guides are in need of reviving
my homework is outsourced by the outed
i don't even know what home my room lives in these days
every broken nail is a teaching experience
all the movie theaters proudly show the same stupid endless movie
they do it democratically
five minutes at one theater
then its off five blocks to see the next ten minutes
all the actors in it are photogenic and bigger than life
well, amend that, they're bigger than the life of a gnat
somebody supposedly scripted this thing
they would of confessed who they are
but my homework ate their tongue
when they tried to come clean.
time to find huck finn and light out for that territory ahead
where the hula hoops you hurl yourself through
are made of something earnest and egregious
the eagle soars drunk every time i beat my chest
and yell at the ufos to behave
the hall monitor is bouncing up in the sky
too much prevailing anything
guess i can hang onto my pass
the warden is learning to ward off all late comers
good luck
the big getaway car impatiently waits at the corner
its really kind of small
after all is not said and feebly done
my homework has amnesia
please donate to it any way you can
the earth is out of whack
the giants that once roamed here
can't see past the lady's hat sitting in front
please keep your hands and heart in the vehicle at all times
watch for falling emotion
there's a new day coming
they keep claiming
but the night just never seemingly wants to go home
there's a new language making noise in the bone structure
nobody can pronounce it
tell the maitre'd everyone's coming for dinner
put the best silver wear out
my homework just went insane
from not knowing how to play
time to plug myself into the main circuit of hope
i'm about to light up for you baby
here i go
exploding all over your brand new dress
don't mind me none
i just came in for a snack
the world is crazy
but i call it home
don't think too much one way or the other
the world is falling apart wherever i turn
but that just means there's more pieces
to go around.
      grateful dead
      the closing of winterland
      december 31 1978 cd 3
      rhythm devils
      not fade away
      around and around


Scott Wannberg
Scott Wannberg is author of strange movie full of death. “lives the quiet florence,oregon life. believes in strother martin.”