Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Stick with the problem, buster
Nor mock the humming futilism
Phaedra nowhere more afraid than here
in the open air, avec despaire
With my oar steaming I press on
Far from the Rappahannock, we too
are seaward bound and downhill run
Never too much love beyond forever
Pipsqueak and the Melody Harvesters
Ever since Cinderella gave you the slip
Buffeted by a clique of chic tramps
Each one a symbol of uniqueness
Lost in the barrel of empathy
Like asking for a loaded blank


Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a longtime East Village resident and author of 11 books of verse. He plays music, makes collages and writes criticism regularly for Artnexus and The Brooklyn Rail. More irregularly, he publishes Live Mag!