Amy Ouzoonian

She needed another hit, She
kicked her Mexican boyfriend
And between nodding off and grinding her teeth,
played with her Blackberry Her
Veins trying to escape from her thighs
And forehead red popping cheekbones
shifting beside the
Happy drunk BF playing with his
New camera phone capturing
Her eyeballing
Everyone on the train nodding
Then jilting up at every stop.
Taking a break from staring at the junkies
I enjoyed my
Golden Delicious
$1 for 2 lbs from Union Square.
And thought about how fortunate
I am until I arrived at the core
To find a writhing
Meal worm.
I just chewed
And stared, unable to look away, and
She nodded and I wanted her to notice
To laugh at how perfect I think I am.
Eating apples with worms in them.
Her fluttering drool speaks
Morse code,
she shoots up,
smokes and snorts her food.
Eating’s for the worms.
I wanted her to lift that humping monkey offa her back and
Smack it’s ape cock all over the steel walls of the train.
But that fucking chimp just clacked its balls
All over her matted hair and plucked away at
What was left of that bitches bones, teeth
And veins. I wanted her to notice my fall from
Grace and kick my ass up and down the Bronx 6 train
And maybe she could have told me to take
A picture it’ll last longer four-eyed fuck face,
If she hadn’t been busy
chasing that dragon
For so long.


Amy Ouzoonian is the editor of A Gathering of the Tribes magazine and three anthologies of poetry. She is the author of Your Pill and the forthcoming book of short stories and poems, Everything is Perfect. She is lives, writes, teaches yoga and creates art in Phoenix, Arizona.