Garland Thompson Jr

I’m gonna start
the Church of Miles Davis
‘cause listening to him
is sure like hearin’ the gospel!
Coltrane was made a Saint
in a San Francisco storefront so why not Miles?
I crown thee Saint Miles of the Davis
in thy heaven thou art
Saint Miles of the trumpet!
whose heavenly sound
goes ‘round to guide the weary to a happy place
where no cry is forbidden
where all blues are welcome!
All colors all hues are welcome
to the Church of Miles Davis!
Where the gospel sounds
come from a horn section
with the Angel Gabriel
taking first chair
Saint Miles leading the group
with his back to audience
saying “It ain’t about me, it’s about the music!”

All you could ever need to know
contained in every note
slipping from his lips.
Like the most sensual lover
enticing you to the truth.


Garland Thompson began his poetry/spoken word career in 1990 at Highland Grounds Coffeehouse in his hometown, Hollywood, CA. Moving to Monterey in the mid-nineties he produced the annual WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP POETRY SLAM at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur for a decade, and he currently continues to do feature readings, and produce the weekly RUBBER CHICKEN POETRY SLAM & OPEN MIC, now in it's ninth year, in downtown Monterey at the East Village Coffee Lounge