Kimberly Buchheit

Your knowing eyes stared out at me
from behind those Prada shades
cool as a movie star idol
unsure how to flash
your clever boyish grin
from a point so close to where
another great word man stood
that perfect day



I might try to spot my red shirt
in the reflection
over and over again
to prove that I was standing
near you under our oak uncle
when I froze your chosen look
through Summer’s shiny lens
that perfect day

That lovely day you could have rescued me
you deemed yourself too polite
to use those practiced player moves
for the wrong reasons on the right girl
at the wrong time
both smart enough not to ruin it
keeping safe forever
that perfect day

© Kimberly Buchheit



Kimberly Buchheit has been an undiagnosed artist and writer since her pre-school years in Buffalo, New York.  She regularly dabbles with creative experiments to balance her technical existence as a Land Surveyor and business owner in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Her art thrives on hot flashes of inspiration fueled by a personal desire to resolve complex universal questions with simple answers.  Kim served on the Board of Directors for The Jack Kerouac Writers in Residence Project of Orlando, Inc. for many years and is currently a "volunteer ambassador" for the organization as well as an active participant in the Artists & Writers Group, Inc.