From: SICILICONIA (1995)

Stumbling sleeping Carmel
my shadow thrown by homeowner's lights
I stumble into dawn, the Monterey Bay HERALD's
black driver helping me find my room
I'd lost for hours, driven by the breakers'
rubbrum, rubbruss, rubbrah thru starless night.

(24 APR 95 07:06 Colonial Terrace Inn, Carmel)


Like children's marbles cast upon the sand
we await the sunrise, dreaming:
If only there were enough shade, if only
there were enough water, if only
there were enough food, if only
there were enough oil, if only
there were enough money, enough time,
until we are gathered up & cast again
as the sun rises again in its full glory.

(03 OCT 04, 05:11, Santa Clara CA)


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