Leonardo DellaRocca Bio

Leonardo DellaRocca has had work in literary journals since 1980 including "Having A Wonderful Time, An Anthology of South Florida Writers" (Simon & Schuster), Seattle Review, Nimrod, Poet Lore, Wisconsin Review, Long Island Quarterly, Apalachee Quarterly and Chiron Review. His work can be seen on the Web at Crania, Cross Connect, The Free Cuisenart, Spoken War Café, Melic Review and many other sites. DellaRocca is an assistant editor for Poetrybay.com and the Florida correspondent for About.com's Museletter. President of the Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation and a Pushcart Prize nominee, DellaRocca is an assistant editor for four weekly newspapers. He has work forthcoming in Laurel Review and Sunstone. He is working on book-length ms of poetry based on songs by The Beatles. Born in Bay Shore Long Island in 1954, DellaRocca moved to South Florida in 1966. His first poems were published in 1970. As president of the Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation, he has hosted poetry readings and workshops by Denise Duhamel, Lyn Lifshin, Enid Shomer, Janet Holmes and Nick Carbo. He is bringing George Wallace to South Florida for a lecture and a reading of his work in Sept. 2001 and will host Albert Goldbarth in Nov. 2001.

"A Distance of Summer" and "Vignettes" are from LIQ. "The Healer" was printed in Poet Lore. "The Wonderful Viola Player," was published in Chiron Review and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. "The Finger," "Framed" and "Black Out" have not been published, nor have the last three poems -- "Nowhere Man," "The Green Bottle in the Window" and "To Eleanor " -- from a book of poems based on Beatle songs. "I'll probably title the book, - "Beatlesongs." I doubt I'll do all 180, but so far I have about 25."