Three Poems by Jessica Loos

(Automatic Poem for Gregory Corso)

Sun wawooka! sun goblet swell, ruby matador prop
& bull torpedo!
Sun gum drop! ozzing cinnamon glaze
Sun wet nipple mermaid, sperm of the photsynthesized
plant seed, the tinkling shadow of sun!
Sun hello propelled tangering orb carries a kangaroo!
Sun is yr mother, winged marsupial pouch of heat!
Sun wildebeast steals ice water and electric fan!
Sun a browless peacock, plucking colors
throws down buckets!
Sun is Gregory Corso in penis glasses.
Sun is Rimbaud in a tin shoe.
Sun bleeds for Marat in a bathtub & yells sneakers! sun!
spaghetti! unsauced ray of Botticelli!
Sun goldfish blob! psychedelic starfish & jelly mush!
Sun marmalade on plate next to hard boiled sun!
The sun is a pirate's eye.
The sun is coppertone skin lesions.
The sun is a brain cell.
The sun is Corso dyin his hair red yellin'
i've made a terrible mistake!
The sun isn't vaudeville, breasts are.
The sun isn't elephant circus swinging big trapeze! balls are.
The sun is a tinkling shadow!
The sun laughs like a tulip catching sun, open!
The sun is ass in yr face in a dark alley, up!
The sun is the light inside yr ass.
The sun is a frog in a princess gown.
O land of inferno, blow on, across taupe, dehydrated wheat.