Ten Poems by Robert Plath

This product may cause one or more of the following:
dry mouth, grinding of the teeth, abdominal cramps, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, vomiting,
loss of appetite, loss of personal hygiene, loss of simple motor skills, loss of financial freedom,
loss of material possessions, loss of job, loss of friends, loss of family, loss of
vision, loss of self, lethargy, blank staring, insomnia, jaundice, disintegration of the vertebrae,
testicular shrinkage, hypersensitivity, extended bouts of weeping, wheezing, chain
smoking, excessive use of alcohol or other recreational drugs, driving while intoxicated, walking
while intoxicated, continuous use of inappropriate language such as bitch and whore, angina,
aggravated hypertension, internal bleeding, bone pain, confusion, disorientation, migraines, swelling
of the brain stem, anxiety, paranoia, hysteria, domestic violence, racism, war, and
hatred for all humanity.