3 Poems by John G Hall

John G.Hall, author of plays,short stories and poetry, is a UK-based political activist and member of the South Manchester Poetry Group during the 70's. A regular reader at 'The Why Not Pub,"in Liverpool, during the 80's, he attended Lancaster University, reading Social History, in the 90's. His poetic influence range from William Blake and Robert Creeley. Published in Orbis, Iota, Rain Dog, Fire, The Wolf,Square Lake, Brittle Star, Aesthetica, Left Curve, Carillon, Spume, Harlequin and many more., John's the Editor of Citizen32, Poetry& arts magazine. Commenting on Hall's collection of poetry "The Drowning Fish," Jack Hirschman writes that his poetry "has the gritty edge of a contemporary visionary in active development. He’s not afraid to let the poem happen to him as experience & he’s not imprisoned by form but open to its changing demands. Whether writing of broken heartedness or dealing with experiences of a more directly political nature, his poems are always directed towards the future. So that outrage is never far from rage, nor affirmation from bitter actuality."
summer was a yellow hammer
summer was a smiling dog
summer was an 8 hr football match
summer was a bucket full of frogs
summer was a Faberge dragon fly on a dandelion
summer was a butterfly stuck fast in the hot tar of July
summer was a murder on a hook
summer was a stickleback freed
summer was a Kestrel hanging her crucifix of hunger in the sky
summer was a squirrel dancing in secret behind the worlds back
summer was a bubbles rainbow all colours & curves
summer was a boy holding a girl till he popped
summer was a fresh lover on me on a river bank
summer was her dress perfumed by my holy blow
summer was a heart racing in an apple orchard raider's chest
summer was a juice dripping down our mouth's of pepper red
summer was a burning skin on a burning blood
summer was a yellow hammer on a smiling dog
summer was once a summer saint his cider blessed halo
mixed with woodbines and kisses on a bed of wild Garlic.
summer was once the blue universe all about the green
summer was once a selfless love being all about me.