Donald Lev

Donald Lev has been writing and publishing poetry since 1958. His 13th collection, Yesterday's News (Outloudbooks, 2002), is obliquely about the WTC tragedy. He publishes/edits the literary tabloid Home Planet News, which he and his late wife Enid Dame founded in 1979.
Maybe you just didn't do it right.
Did you hold it straight out in front of your chest?
Were your elbows unbent?
were your eyes open or closed?
There is a difference between great art and yours.
We've got to find out what it is.

A small parcel of time
enclosed in a small white box tied
with a pink ribbon
was presented to me by the kindly ghost
who thinks of such things.
But what shall I do with it? I ask him.
I sense him shrugging--a knowing Gallic shrug.

Crouching in a ditch,
late afternoon sky beginning to deepen;
gnats and flies busy about my head;
my head busy about my problems,
trying to find words to express them.
I'm staying here till I can leave unnoticed.
No I
can leave any time unnoticed.