Garland Lee Thompson Jr.

I want to be
The Suicide Bomber of...

Detonating myself in crowded cities
for everyone everywhere to see
I want people to feel the power of
Love in the morning,
Love in the afternoon,
Love in the evening,
and bring down a monsoon of joy
on a street corner named desire
where the pavement sweats thick
leather souls from its concrete pores.

And I want to leave a videotaped message
explaining my devotion to love with the velvet sounds
of Aphrodite's voice wrapped around my head like a Jihad scarf,
my eyes staring at the Love Poem in my hand then back at the camera
as I calmly state my opposition to hate.

People turn on the news to see my face
and wonder who this insane suicide bomber of love is
as the media dissects my meager, middle class life to the Nth degree
in a non-sensical mass of talking heads and pumpkin faced experts
with nothing new to add to the story.

There are stunned, but happy crowds
standing around stupefied, dazed with joy,
confused by their lack of guilt.
Police investigators arrive on the scene,
snap their rubber gloves on to sift through the pile of anger
I had blown sky high, and scratch their heads in wonder at
such a monumental destruction of pain!

Ambulances arrive to carry away laughing people who shout out
"Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!"
TV crews from around the world descend upon the scene
like a herd of Magpies on a fresh grown Kansas cornfield.
They turn on their mobile transmitters and start to beam
the pictures out via satellite: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CBC,
Japanese TV, BET, China State Television, CNN, The BBC, Abu Dhabi TV,
Russian TV, Al Jazeerah, Al Arabiya, The New Iraqi Disney Channel?!?
NPR, Tavis Smiley, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Colmes, Larry King and Ted Koppel
all offer their unique point of view as reporters stand by live at the scene.
Wolf Blitzer speculating to the American audience on my possible motives
as they run the clip of my videotaped confession over and over and over again.
The sounds of Nina Simone floating in the background while I read out my
Love Manifesto as my last will and testament to a world I could no longer stand by in.

And at the end of my video, I raise my fist high and calmly state:

I am the Suicide Bomber of Love.
Long Live the Goddess, from whom we come.
Long live Love!

Long live Love.