Craig Kite

The brain needs to get out of its head
The neurons need misfiring
The record needs to wear new grooves
The History needs rewriting

The Lord's breath needs more levity
The butterfly needs to scream
The pulse lacks spontaneity
The moth needs untouched wings

The white rabbit needs a following
The disrupted need comforting
The mythos wears a fake man bun
The comfortable need disrupting

The cubicle needs more claw marks
The rush hour feels like a funeral procession
The subway needs more PDA
The wheel needs reinventing

The rigamarole needs RPM
The philosopher's stones are a pair of dice
The cell phone needs a gash in the screen
Risk is a sundress and is life

Chaos is a machine throwing wrenches
Space above the CDC is raining satellites
The red eyes of traffic all call for crowbars
The full spectrum is serrated

Like shrapnel


CRAIG KITE is a frequently published poet based in NYC. Nominated for Pushcart Prize by GWFM in 2016, he is co-founder/editor of Mad Gleam Press, publisher of POSTblank magazine, and contributor at He has a background in journalism/human rights activism and has reported from locations such as Iraq, Turkey, Chiapas, Guatemala, New Orleans and Algonquin territory Ontario.