Andy Clausen 

I don’t want to make it with anyone
            doesn’t want to make it with me
I don’t want to make it with anyone
            doesn’t let me know it
I don’t want to make it with anyone at night
            when can’t envision happiness at dawn
I don’t want to be seeking a window
            to crawl out of
I love being a catalyst for total orgasm
            maybe more than anything
It’s harder than you think
It’s harder than mechanics
            or lining up hormones with the planets
It wouldn’t be so precious
            if it wasn’t so rare
Doing what someone else wants
            other than no, is usually beyond language
One time years ago L & I were reading
Wilhelm Reich’s The Function of Orgasm
and in between chapters we’d have some
Not just ejaculation and pleasure moaning or fast humping
            but gone from our bodies, our identities
And I understood little of what we had read-amazing!
The times I participated in yab yum
            I liked it, so intimate & clean
                        and invigorating
I’d rather toss off than make it with a Republican
            or an air head or someone into cruelty
                        homophobia, racism or someone
            into taking way more than their share just because they can
            someone who values people by their possessions
I have made love with the most beautiful intelligent women
            in the world
When I was young and incredibly naïve and stupid
I didn’t have such high standards
They wanted me, I wanted them
Poet’s reward, don’t get paid, just get laid
Aside: when you get long in the tooth
            that doesn’t work so well
But I always wanted my lovers, i.e. the ones more than once
            to be my pal, running buddy, cover me, be utilizing
and bolstering each other’s strengths
minimizing our weaknesses
work as a team, keep learning and producing
and I like doing it out doors
prevailing weather & insect conditions





ANDY CLAUSEN has travelled and read his poetry all over North America and the world. He was co-editor of POEMS FOR THE NATION, with Allen Ginsberg and Eliot Katz (Seven Stories Press). He was an editor at LONG SHOT Magazine. Andy has written about his adventures with Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Ray Bremser, Janine Pommy Vega, Peter Orlovsky, and many others of the Beat Generation. He is the author of “40th Century Man” and “Home of the Blues”, among other books of poetry. His latest publication is “Beat: The Latter Days of the Beat Generation, a First Hand Account.”