Bill Gainer

Haven’t been
sending out the poems
like I should.

Been working out back
probably harder
than someone my age
needs to –
it helps
to keep the meanest
Yeah, in times like these
it’s easy to have a
flare up
say things you shouldn’t
do things you’ll
upset folks
you love.

I’ll drop
some shotgun shells
off at an old friend’s
go out to the dump
ask about recycling paint.

Maybe stop, have lunch
read the paper.

If the guy is still fucking with
the moms and their babies
I’ll probably be home
dig out in the back

till the lights come on
and Kae St. Marie calls out –
says dinner's ready
sausage and eggs, toast
come on in baby –
you’ve done all you can
for today.



BILL GAINER, the award winning poet, is internationally published and known across the country for giving legendary fun filled performances. Visit him in his books, at his personal appearances, or at his website: