S.A. Griffin

I move forward
one moment in front of
the other

I put my days on one leg at a time

the big picture slipped on an electric banana
and landed right on its me too

the truth cries wolf
it's winter in America

every dictator dog
has his day
in people's

God bless America
the greatest show
on Earth


S.A. Griffin lives, loves and works in Los Angeles, S.A. is a Carma Bum, father, husband and Vietnam era vet. Actor, poet, editor and publisher, he most recently edited and published Lost Bastard Chronicles by Mark Hartenbach, available on his Rose of Sharon imprint. His latest book, Dreams Gone Mad With Hope, is available for purchase from Punk Hostage Press. Co-editor The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Firecracker Award) he is presently editing, with Beyond Baroque Director Richard Modiano, an unpublished manuscript by Beat poet, writer, editor and publisher William Margolis.