Baba Ngoma Osayemi Ifatunmise

I got real shit to say
There's no system that can judge it
It's unjudgeable
unjudgeable may not actually be a word
most of the judges at slams
don't know shit about poetry anyway
and depending on the venue may be drunk
A lot of what I have to say will piss you off
I like to win and I don't give a damn about the score
I don't care about your sex life
nor your sexual preference
It's not my business
It's not up for discussion
I've been in this spoken word game
too long to give a damn what you think
Poetry is not a popularity contest to me
My tolerance for bullshit is limited
I'm allergic to bad poetry
I'm not a therapist
If I were, I'd send a lot of poets a bill
My poetry has a real purpose
It's not a pick up line
I'm giving you my opinion
but opinions are like ass holes
everybody's got one
this poem doesn't require a score
it's unscoreable
that may not be a real word either
but this poem isn't competing for a prize



NGOMA is a performance poet,multi-instrumentalist,singer/songwriter, Artivist and paradigm shifter, who for over 50 years has used culture as a tool to raise socio-political and spiritual consciousness through work that encourages critical thought. He  was selected as the Beat Poet Laureate of New York for 2017p18 by The National Beat Poetry Foundation.