Ron Lampi

Someone, somewhere, once said,
was a poet, I believe, said,
Become water—

And a spring I found within myself—
Ah, water, my soul— And a stream began to flow,
and I became that stream—clear, trickling, sparkling;
in the dark, I was serpentine luminous & I could speak…
I saw what eyes could not see.
A tiny stream meandered as me, & then another & another…
and soon, a thousand rivulets ran joyously throughout my body,
water morphed into every tissue, every cell, amorphous water
taking living form, I could take the shape of each experience,
absorbing, assimilating, carrying mineral nutrients
that sustain…
I, the nurturer, I poured forth the water of soul.

And when I was pushed,
I easily gave way & formed a circle
round every threat, dissolving it without conflict…
I was velvet soft, yet resilient, always preserving my essence.
I was a pool reflecting all the changing cloudy moods
of the sky.
I could rise & fall from the sky,
and always find my way back to mother Ocean.

And for the thirsty, I am here, water, up-flowing,
a spring, a fountain…
I think of myself as an everlasting Fountain.
I became water, the living water of my soul…



RON LAMPI is philosopher-poet, writer, astrologer, and lectures on various mythos topics. He has resided in Santa Cruz at The Edge for over 40 years.