Marta Markoska

You underestimated my survival instincts
Wanted to see me crawling
Under your imaginary crown
Licking your feet with argument
You were always there when I needed
A plumber
A car keeper
A house keeper
A dish washer
And I just needed your body
To maintain it
To worship your plumb
To keep your car engine on
To guard you like my home
To dine from your dishes
You underestimated my survival instincts
The Оne who makes her partners feel like kings
For a Queen is born once in a Blue Moon.

And now we are even…
You’ve took advantage of the first chance you got
And I proclaimed myself a Queen
Who reigns over all yet-to-be-lived opportunities!
Translator: Aleksandra Spaseska



MARTA MARKOSKA was born on 29.06.1981 in Skopje, Macedonia. The author of eleven books of poetry, she holds a Bachelor of General and Comparative Literature from the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje, and a Master of Cultural Studies in Literature from the Institute of Macedonian Literature in Skopje.