Thurston Moore

Diane writing in the moment 1964 her
Heart so shot full of love as if
God had fashioned her the Grace
Of the city where we flee for
Charm. To measure the death of yr
Lover when light sweeps you
Forever is the magic and
Incantation of Eros painting
Energy and language. Free on the
Page into rapacious giving
Forgiveness, Diane is born for
Travel in soul sentient field of open
Love vocabulary. A story is life, the
Luxury of experience and play.
Diane is the flower flower so
Slightly dew dripped succulent




THURSTON MOORE, born 1958, moved to NYC in 1976 to play experimental punk noise art rock and to write poetry. He founded the group Sonic Youth, teaches at The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. He currently lives in London, UK where he engages in all manners of musical / literary rapaciousness and publishes books via Ecstatic Peace Library, his imprint with Eva Prinz.