Paul Koniecki

for Gregory Corso

It’s the one that takes place 
In Barcelona 

Panting and wide-eyed
You’re describing the novel

You've wanted me to love
All alleyways and wood

With a clandestine library
To hand out books

That aren’t really there 
A young and vulnerable protagonist 

Hunted by the shadow 
Of an arsonist

Nibbling the sun climbs the air
Inhaling the sky

Threat of further
Oxygen and fire 

My feet are in 
The sidewalks again

Wet and hardening as walkie-
talkie tears the epigraph reads

We will know the secrets 
Of our enemies

By what they choose
To burn

Paul Koniecki lives and writes in Dallas, Texas. He was once chosen for the John Ashbery Home School Residency. He is the Associate Editor of Thimble Literary Journal. His books of poetry are available from Kleft Jaw Press, NightBallet Press, Dark Particle Press, and Spartan Press.