Andy Clausen

O you were special flaunting that bare shoulder
                with spinning moves in the drum circle
                on the country tavern hardwood
                in the meadow of magic round the fire
High stepping the electric hoe-down& the slow
                danced intricate hands elegantly mudra quality
               motions of cleansing & cherishing
That Blakean smile of smiles welcoming eyes      
               emanating desire is tonic is health
When I first felt the back of your thighs and your              
              glutes somehow and why I knew and stated
                wow you have the good stuff
My friend warned me you were demure
No! You wanted it as much as I!

And your face resembling so Bernini's St.Theresa
Espousing & exposing what the ideals of the day               
               made into spiritual orgasm into strong queens
                and sought after princesses, Mary
Wollonstonecraft & her daughter Mary Shelley
                and you loved and produced exceptional              
              language and rocking and rolling blues
                that birthed jazz & symphony
Know I am blest we two deplore the Establishment
                four kids and big breasts & a face I've always
                adored since puberty
The Gates of Eden protrude and beckon
                I would learn the heavy heat deep in the
Ambrosial bath of my main tool exhibiting a mind
                of its own and your gypsy skirt dervish

Men & women are enthralled in homage
                to the traditions you evoke
The Future radiates your cheeks
I watch you change apparel; your skin orchestrates          
              my fingers
I put my eyeballs into your nipples
                It feels Good!

Covid 19 just isn't going away is it?
Must it invade every ode every lyric?
Going to the happy side of the bed
Your entire body transforms into Clit & G spot
                all of it makes you glad
And that is my desire & goal
There's no ambiguity in our desire our lusts
The back of your ears your naked neck
                excite my face and the noises
Breath whistling outbursts of animal pleasure
I admire your hips a classic woman
I contemplate the differences in our bodies
Our bodies assemble to resemble the movements
                of the divinities of the Pantheons
There is a god for every blade of grass
                and a divine iota of sound for every
                burbling pebble of water
Whether it is my mind or yours
The years the creases of time the tree rings
                of the brow vanished
I could see sharp as daybreak the girl
                in your face

Meanwhile the Fall of America
We like the lovers of Pompeii frozen in lava
Our history all we knew and abided by crumbles
                into industrial back black bleak burning water
What was the reason to believe? &love is from
                another fairy-tale era
In a motel room
In a pup tent
In the guest room
In the car in the other worldly Grand Tetons
Doing 80 on 80!
Jackrabbits & tumbleweeds
                going ape shit
O delicious skin O fragrant nape
Waves of genital heat sound like the inauguration
                of this Universe
A sucking reverb and the Big Bang
                is only my voice
There is no number symbol icon or word
                come close to accuracy or description

We can't rally we are inside wary of touching
                the outside
The spoken air is a danger, singing
                in the church choir could be a ticket
                to the after life
This life on earth is a riddle only solved
                by Death & what kind of answer is that?
Yet for a moment all the gloom evaporates
                when you let your jeans fall to your ankles
When you put yr Mammalia on my buzzard
                bait face and you soft touch my testicles
We've had choices
We've had opportunities of heroism
The directions of nations & empires
                could have gone an unorthodox path
                to Nirvana
But money pleasure self aggrandizement
                got in the way
Because of you I'm still here
                saying the great escape is still alive
I think humanity will find a way from this
                sickening place it created It may take
                millennia and IT may end any day
                because of the damage to the air fire earth water
Yet humanity could & may survive to a harmonious collective will yet free minded destiny
                and you know why?
Me & You, You & Me, that is why in the drum circle
                on the country tavern hardwood floor
                in the meadow of magic
It is the lovers who deserve life
                and we will dance again

ANDY CLAUSEN began writing & performing verse in 1965. Allen Ginsberg & Gregory Corso called him the most likely to carry on the Beat tradition. He is the author of BEAT, The Latter Days of the Beat Generation, A First Hand Account. His poetry books include HOME OF THE BLUES, 40TH CENTURY MAN, FESTIVAL OF SQUARES, WITHOUT DOUBT, TRHE IRON CURTAIN OF LOVE.