Mark Borczon

I am
looking for
a certain
kind of
happy it's
ice cream
on chin
happy or
100 miles
of black
top happy
it's whiskey
and soda
happy a
great cup
of coffee

and maybe
it sits
in the
oldest doorways
on State St.
maybe it's
the purr
of a
Corvette engine
or it's
serving quarter
drafts in
an uptown

I just
know that
whenever I
find it
it ends
up like
those girls
you meet
in college
bars who
order expensive
drinks on
you and
give you
the number
to the
bus station
instead of
their own

just before
they leave.

 MATTHEW BORCZON is a nurse and Navy sailor who has written twelve books of poetry. He published widely in the small press. When not writing he is a father of four kids he raised with his wife of 24 years.