Rita B. Rose

I love Bath Beach
I love Brooklyn
Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Cyclones     
Cyclone is a roller coaster
Cyclone’s in Coney Island
island of Liberty
island of wonder
wonder why there is not another Z in Verrazano
Wonder Wheel
wheel and deal mob style
wheel barrow
barrow ride at Nellie Bly
barrow of laughs at fun house
house of cards
house of brick in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Botanical
Brooklyn’s San Gennaro feast
feast on a zeppole
feast of the dead
dead heat
dead of night
night life 
night time
time to ride the “El”
time to be born
born in Bath Beach
born in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn pizza
pizza pie at L & B’s
pizza, at spumoni garden
garden in Prospect Park
garden flower
flower shows

flower power
power walk
power talk
talk funny, do ya think?
talk is cheap
cheap; the price of a Charlotte Russe
cheap skate
skate at Roll A Rama
skate through Dyker Park

park at Fort Hamilton
park along27thStreet by the bay
bay  forever gently flows
bay inspires poetry

RITA B. ROSE is a Brooklyn-born, Long Island raised author, poet and playwright.Her works include the exposé Asylum: from the Inside, Veranda Sundown and Flower Poems, Personalities in Bloom. She is currently working on a collaborative play, NoConIntended.