Birnham Wood Graphics, publishers of Long Island Quarterly and Poetrybay, has been publishing occasional chapbooks, minichapbooks and anthologies for over a decade. Among the fine authors whose works have been published and are still in print are the following:


Anthologies, $10 includes postage
New Covenant: Poems For The Clinton Administration isbn1-878173-05-7
In Autumn: An Anthology of Long Island Poetry isbn1-878173-07-3
Dumb Beautiful Ministers, ed. Wm Heyen isbn1-878173-14-6

Chapbooks, $7 includes postage
Patti Tana, The River isbn1-878173-00-6
Rilke, Shadows On The Sundial
Norbert Krapf, tr. isbn1-878173-01-4
WA Fahey, Fruit & Vegetable Suite isbn1-878173-02-2
Diana Chang, Earth Water Light isbn1-878173-03-0
Suk Hang Chin, Fingers of a Loving Hand isbn1-878173-04-9
Olga Abella, Grasping To What Is isbn1-878173-05-9
Jennie Hair, An Old Century, A New Testament isbn1-878173-10-3
Carol Sherman, Women Under Assault isbn1-878173-12-x
Dan Murray, Duck isbn1-878173-22-7
Olga Abella, What It Takes isbn1-81873-23-5

Chapbooks, $10 includes postage
Anna Ruth Ediger Baehr, Moonflowers At Dusk isbn1-878173-15-4
Aaron Kramer, Regrouping isbn1-878173-17-0
Vince Clemente, Watergaw isbn1-878173-17-4
Linda Opyr, A Sudden Truth isbn1-878173-20-0

Mini-chapbooks, $5 includes postage
Vince Clemente, This Shining Place isbn1-878173-25-1
Virginia Terris, Folding/Unfolding isbn1-878173-26-x
Georgette Preston, Songs of Cities isbn1-878173-27-8
R B Weber, Moving Pictures isbn1-878173-28-6
Adam Fisher, Moving Alone isbn1-878173-29-4
David Axelrod, The Universal Language isbn1-878173-30-8
Jill Bart, The Naked & The Nude isbn1-878173-31-6
Carol Sherman, The Old Judge Poems isbn1-878173-32-4
Lynn Kozma, Great South Bay isbn1-878173-33-2
W A Fahey, Body Parts isbn1-878173-34-0
Edmund Miller, The Happiness Cure isbn1-878173-35-9
Mindy Kronenberg, Dismantling the Playground isbn1-878173-36-7
Prem Prasad, Padmavati isbn1-878173-37-5
Marge Appleman, Against Time isbn1-878173-38-3
Michael Walsh, Up Green Ladders isbn1-878173-39-1
Lynn Buck, Two Minus One isbn1-878173-40-5
Edmund Miller, Leavings isbn1-878173-41-3
George Held, Wings isbn1-878173-42-1
Maxwell Wheat, Art Gallery isbn1-878173-43-4
Binnie Pasquier, Elemental isbn1-878173-44-8
Virginia Terris, The Metaphysical Raisin isbn1-878173-45-6
Linda Opyr, Small Sightings isbn1-878173-46-4
Diane Simone, Borderline Blues isbn1-878173-47-2

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