FALL 2010

Diane Frank


after the eclipse sings

after the crab nebula spins a supernova in my heart
after the memories
after the brilliant starry sky
constellations whispering like runes in a cryptic language

after one day maybe next week 
after ice storms wrapping trees
after the stairs lead to blessings as well as sorrow

after the cellos harmonize to the prayer you used to sing
after the floating music of the waves
after the only conversation is to enjoy your own happiness

after your parents float through the tangible horizon
and their spirits have become part of you

because our lives are essentially a mystery –
floating redwoods in the early morning
and I have never been good with goodbyes

after the night kept getting foggier and foggier
and she flew through the corona of a distant sun

after she appeared in a lucid dream
singing the old folk melodies
as fires burned redwood trees,

releasing their seeds for the next generation.

Diane Frank is an award-winning poet and author of five books of poems, including Entering the Word Temple and The Winter Life of Shooting Stars. She lives in San Francisco where she dances, plays cello, and creates her life as an art form. Blackberries in the Dream House, her first novel, won the Chelson Award for Fiction and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and her second novel is going to press later this year.






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