FALL 2010

Terese Svoboda


He still looks like he has a head full of hair, but it is also sticking to all the furniture, pillows, etc.

Did you know that it is difficult to find an adult knit hat in a southern town a week after a big snow?

I just gave him some of the liquid morphine in a spoonful of honey.

I had a great local friend who just "knew" when to call and ask if there was anything she could do at the right moment, and drove me home from the hospital.

I am amazed knowing what I do now how he was even able to perform the long and back-breaking hours that are required in being a manager and assistant manager at the Family Dollar stores that he was continually rotated around to help "clean up" and get running properly.

I have been told that the teller should be able to find the account easily.

The yard is now "Kent" ready. I know his children know what that means, but for those of you who don't, that means cutting the front yard twice in different directions.

Kent was present to enjoy his own party, although I only told one guest that he was here.

I am up finally with a cup of coffee on Mama's back porch and enjoying the sunshine on my shoulders. Perhaps unfortunately, I spent most of the night listening on my computer to Kent playing various songs.

I want to believe all the stories he told me. He was likely to have gone to Vietnam.

Not many guys wear a 32/33.

Terese Svoboda is the author of thirteen books, most recently the novel Pirate Talk or Mermalade (Dzanc Books), and Weapons Grade, a book of poetry.







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