Jadwiga Grabarz


                       tr Domenika Braithwaite

your face - the shape of a bowl
thick soup to hang your spoon in
like a hat or even a good morning

thrown in the hallway between the mirror
and departure

your face – a derelict building
sharp features of words on the
landing when you run out of it
not to come back

long time since you've been here
carrying your conscience in a ladle
on a fork
in a pocket
in your hair

your words are sharper
than your features
if you get a closer look
if you leaf through them
they are like a hat on the doorstep
or even a good morning

we're back here again
rolling ourselves in
freezing from inside

thousands of people swarm with charlie
to the klondike

JADWIGA GRABARZ WAS BORN IN 1986 in Poland. She published her first collection of poems Gaszenie do snu in 2008. Co-author of Bzyk wiersze nie dla dzieci, which was nominated by readers of Esensja magazine to be the book of the year in 2008., she is winner of several national and international poetry competitions. Her poetry is published in magazines and websites, such as Dziennik Polski, Portret, Poezja Dzisiaj, Tygodnik Podhalanski, Znaj, artPapier, Cegla, PKPzin, sZAFa, Megalopolis, Rzeczpospolita Kulturalna, Lamelli, Vis a Vis, Odra, Modowo.pl, Cartographer, FortyOunceBachelors and in many anthologies. She comes from a small village in former Galicia..



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