Fall/Winter 2014

Steve Hirsch


It takes effort
to get to Promised Land
on Rt. 901 where breakfasts are good
sheepskin booties from Shartlesville in the tour pak
for Jesse Mai

            — abundant green fields — farms
                        colts, chickens, goats —


I'm changing from Ketchup to Mustard
I'm changing from Blue Bonnet to Land o' Lakes
unemployed and in recession
better the maestro won't know me homeless
but deciding on which camera to buy
& which lens — messin' with me
to get up close to a necklace or an earring

            — sell a mint chapbook from 1987 — take Exit 18
feet sink in wet sand — water disperses
fish & chips on the beach — clips and ships
all fascinating, not so far away.

We have no choice but to choose
I am changing from fear to hope
sinking in hot wet sand
teal waves break the seal on her fear.
I am changing the ocean to tears
&motor oil and mustard relish.
Saturn spins like a knocking washer
fast cycle bangs against the drum of space.

The 'Chatterbox' packed with Jersey clubs
"Ghost Riders", "The Complimentaries"
50s Doo-wop LPs cover the walls, an old Yamahacruiser,
a legendary '59 drag racer, a yellow 1936 Chevy,
great onion rings & burgers, sweet fountain coke,
summer milk maids with trays of fries
hustle across the hot asphalt.

My '09 FLTR motor breaking in nicely — a new friend.

Steve Hirsch is a poet, musician, and former editor/publisher of the literary magazine Heaven Bone. He studied writing and drama at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO, where he was a student and apprentice of Allen Ginsberg and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche as well as at Bard College where he studied with Robert Kelly.



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