Fall/Winter 2014


XII Florida Poets

Edited by Lenny Dellarocca

When I asked George Wallace, editor of Poetrybay.com, to guest edit a section of an upcoming issue, I was thrilled when he said yes. I pitched the idea of publishing all Florida poets.
And so I sent the word out to poets I’ve known for decades as well as some new acquaintances, and still others I know only through friends.
Being new at this, I did not anticipate having to turn away old friends whose work I did not take after asking them to send a few poems. How bad is that? One asked me what it was about his poems that did not make the cut. Honestly, I said, it came down to my humble opinion; some poems just did not thrill me as much as those that appear here.
The poems that are here do thrill me.
I’ve never been one to put writing in a box. I don’t care if there is a difference between a prose-poem and flash fiction or not. The result is that words- by any name- turn wheels inside my head, tickle my belly or tug at my heart.
I am especially delighted to include two poems by Judith Berke, who died during the summer of 2013. She was an extraordinary poet, actress, dancer, artist, and friend. She spent her last twenty years or more secluded in her Miami Beach apartment, and carried on telephone conversations sometimes up to – legend has it – eight hours. We called her the Emily Dickenson of Miami Beach. We miss her very much, even if it was just her amazing voice on the phone.
I hope you find what I’ve chosen worthy of your time.

 Lenny DellaRocca
Guest Editor, Poetrybay




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