Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Sarah Miller


In the Sealife Centre
she drags me from angel to flounder
tiny hand in mine
fingers wriggling like a squid,
blue eyes wide oceans.
Spectators move between the displays
schools meeting schools
green and blue
mingling briefly
then darting away.

In the shark tunnels
potential predators lurk
and I lose her
swimming against the crowd
I gulp for air,
sound distorted in my ears
I look for her head bobbing,
fear for her life
but I need not worry
Here she is a mermaid
singing and waving
stroking stingrays
as they push their noses to the surface
Locking eyes with a hammerhead
she doesn't flinch
puts her mouth to the glass to kiss it
as if they are old friends

Outside on the promenade
the wind whips her hair up like candyfloss
Land legs too tired to walk
Says she doesn't want
the newspaper wrapped fish and chips,
salt and vinegar sting her into tears
as she tries to throw the lifeless battered cod
back into the cold grey sea.

Sarah Miller is a poet, playwright and theatre deviser living in Salford. 'Selkie Singing At The Passing Place', her joint poetry collection with Melanie Rees, was recently published by Flapjack Press.



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