Sasha Ettinger

in a metro station
uptown memories
in a bowl of hot soup
two kinds of parsley
a bit of cream for thickening
downtown endings
a door sliding open
a door sliding shut
in breathing in
in breathing out
in the rhythm of
feet shuffling
in newspapers stuffed
in a back pack
packed away with
in a street gone sour
with curbside litter
in the lamp post glare
neon blue
neon red
inside his head
in the cup sitting on the sideboard
gritty grinds from last night's yearning
in a two step
in a tango
in a collision of desire
in a voice unspoken
in an unwilling touch
discarded clothes
in the corner of a room
remnants of roles played and unplayed
in a life in search
of what
of it
of everything
of nothing

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