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WINTER 2018-2019


Joan Payne Kincaid


Shafts into interiors
Disturbingly in the moment
Laughing in the next breath

It’s an earth quake;
You  feel inappropriate things
Fly by finding doubting everything.

Millenials think they were
Lots of talk about situations 
laughing in the next breath.

Evolution started out lost
It’s not on Netflix.
They needed many disguises. 

Together a lot.
His palette is constantly evolving 
Synthesis here saxes there. 

The regions gilded past is
An illustration of his own predicament
Turned away from chilly modernism.

A rollicking interlude of unforgettable sound.
She wondered how things got to this point.
She did get an offer in a North Sea resort.

They viewed themselves as exotic birds
Of a gilded age.
Convinced autonomy the route most urgent.

Twitter and instagram power activities
To officers from first
Responder situations.

He wanted to know why
She wondered that she couldn’t  breathe.
In the hurricane’s wake rivers

Over- flowed intermingling catastrophies;
It  is generally agreed He knocked down the door
All This Was Glacial Lakes

Saying life is a tourist attraction;
Not clear what happened 
Between her and the miner she stabbed

Continued the paradox.
See leaves shiver 
On the keys.

The village is quiet in holiday hopes.
Ice skating seems doable 
On the Sound.

Now it’s Autumn 
In a couple days she would be assaulted  
Trying to find  her self as an  individual.

We need an extravagant volume of subscribers
All  subjects equal stature.
We are all part of one another

In a dissonant dramatic and painful Utopia.
The election of Trump 
Only strengthened determination. 

The summer afternoon interview
Suddenly darkened into
Layers of flute 

And percussive sound
Of conflicts around the world-
A standing army on American soil.   

Leaves change color
And fall.
Talk of government subsidies

For public transportation and
Increase in cost of everything  
Watering the yard

Driving and maintaining a car.
Life is unreliable.
Looks like rain may fill the lakes again. 


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