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WINTER 2019-2020




it’s impossible to know what everything signifies
until it happens,
a tree fell on a man’s house,
wake up, man!
a robin with sunlight,
squirrel eating so-called bird seed,
what does it all signify? each being
having a purpose yet
it’s impossible to know what everything signifies
until it happens
because then we can put away the chairs
and put our senses together,
try to make sense of it all, wait,
i just scratched an itch, why?
because it itched,
why did it itch?
all those years itching to say something
and now wanting to say nothing,
no, not say nothing
but not exactly something, rather:
simply dip my fingers into the stream of flux
and watch the ripples . . .
feel the water with my skin . . .
put words to the ripples
so if you are not near
you could sense the stream too,
continuing to be a stream
with or without these fingers dipping into it
for invisible ink

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is an essayist and resident poet at In addition to his work as a writer and small press publisher, he travels a holistic mystic pathway staying in touch with Turtle Island. His website:









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