Russ Green

One life, one world, one sky, one love.
It takes one gesture of good will to make a homeless
person’s day. She may not be able to return the favor, but
she’ll feel the joy in her veins. One change in the way you
spend that twenty dollars is a step down the road to eliminating
child slave labor. One vote against the system, the mainstream,
can save a boy from getting blown to pieces on a roadside in
some foreign desert. One chance to save the earth from certain ruin
from man’s impropriety, and the multitudes living on the edges
of the sea will thank you. The power of one man to stand against the
British army armed with nothing more than a sheet to cover his bear body.
One more person cries out “Never again!” as one more genocide unfolds
before our eyes as we turn away, saying, “But I’m only one person.”
One folk singer influences an entire generation of teenagers looking for
direction and becomes a deity to all folk singers for all eternity.
One Beatle chanting “Give peace a chance.” dies in the path of one bullet.
There is a boy in the Sudan who wants to learn to play the violin.
What are the chances he’ll have the shapely figure of wood, strings, and
wistful music emanating from that thing of beauty resting on his shoulder?
More likely, he’ll have bruises on that shoulder from the kick of his machine gun fire.
It takes one person at a time to save all the little boys and girls in us who just want to go
to the movies and watch Clint Eastwood shoot ‘em up in peace.

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