Carol Sherman


                for Allen Planz

I had spent too many months
In the mountains of Mexico
The dry air, the frigid nights
The sun fiery on my skin
I had forgotten the sea
The surf rolling in
with a low roar,
The spray anointing me

Your friend came looking
For you today
A rendezvous set eons ago
When you swam together
In the brine,
But you had already gone
Without escort
To a deeper place

Crowds watched her
As she lay beached
The waves ruffling over her,
A flipper raised in farewell
Again and again
A salute to her lover
Who had left without her

You had no gills or fins,
But you might as well have
How you swam in the undertow
With mermaids, sun beams,
Sea fan
You breathed mist and salt
Made us know your kingdom

Now your friend lies dying
On the beach
And you already lost
In the waves, the wind,
The kiss of the sea holding you
She came to take you home,
Take you home
Where you were most alive.

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