Graham Everett


I walk on the moon
light pooling on the rug
at the top of the stairs
& turn toward sleep again
where I dream of what others
do & wake filled with prayers
for each and all of us, then
get up, let the dog out & in, then
feed the dog & make the coffee  

though nights later
I think there’s not much
we need besides what we have
even if that is not all we want
it’s time to ease up the complaints  

A map of the world in full detail
unveils  :  small spots   fixed focus
holds then fades. Updated, shifting
a couple of inches north, northeast  

Then it’s time for dinner
though nights later I
’m not hungry  

Another month & the moon’s full
In a couple of days, hard days
back & forth with the masses I’ll learn
What is not my fate remains my fault

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