Jon Sanborne


                Digitalis purpurea
What can make her heart grow stronger
Can also kill it, can also be a tall,  belled bloom
in my mom’s backyard garden. I ask her the name
of it, she can’t remember, angry with
the encroaching fog of old age.
She calls me later on my cell, as I head
back to the city on the train.
So, you remembered the name?” I ask, as I pick up.
I love you.”
“I love you, too.”  

And the connection is broken, but remains.
There is something so important to us
in the naming of things, especially
the smallest of things, till they become
the code for something else, the vines
that bind us here, the trickster fox
offering palms full of poison
and salvation, and we can’t help
but shake both hands at once.

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