James Wagner


I found the novel I wrote
The really bad one from high school
the one with copied characters
ridiculous plots
way too much unrealistic action
and almost no point.

I found it in my safe
the crappy plastic one I bought
for 6 dollars from a local store.

I found the novel I wrote
on a diskette 
a diskette
remember those?
One . Forty-four megabites capacity
yet if I remember correctly
this 330 plus page pile of crap that I called
my novel
took up almost all of that space.

I wanted to read this “novel”
or pitiful excuse for one at least
but I couldn't because none of the computers in my house
have a diskette drive anymore
and my local store stopped carrying them
and I'd have to find one online.

I was only in high school ten years ago
and yet technology changed that much
that what was new and trendy back then
is so obsolete just a decade later.

And yet I found a notebook
with the first short story I ever wrote
when I was 5
other than my crappy handwriting, 
I had no issues reading it.

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