Eleanor Lerman


You know, at this juncture, there are a lot of things that
might be helpful. For example, if voices from beyond
would say something to us. Anything. Even a whisper
at 3 a.m. would be appreciated. Scary, but informative

True, we have the comfort of the television schedule—
much expanded since our younger days! And we have
certain clues that seem important, such as which buses
run all night and how time exists (if it really does, if
it isn’t kidding)  inside those little glowing clocks that
keep us company in the dark. We also have the records

of how many shirt pieces the factories once required
from the babushkas, and now, how many buckets the city
wants us to carry back and forth between the gene pool
and the dance of death. Not that any of this is necessarily
unreasonable, given the era and the rules that have been
voted in; it’s just that, overall, the rationale seems
to be…well, unsupportable. At least, we suspect that
it is becoming unsupportable. And it is our impression
that others are beginning to feel the same way, too

So perhaps the plan that we came up with the time we
thought that we were really high is something we should revisit
All we need is one of those cars with blue headlights
that can get us to the Western Lands, where the sky
is waiting to receive us: night, stars, mysterious occurrences
all lit up under the loving hello of the vapor trails
Think of the incandescence! Blink once for yes and twice
for more. Proud to be traveling with you again, brothers
and sisters, towards the ark of hope that we almost forgot
we had once gathered together to build with our own hands


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