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Antonio Bellia


I have known
Different times
I have seen a different human
Another kind
Another race

I have heard and seen
Those human children play,
I've seen them run
And even climb

I have sat
In the shoemaker's
Laughing at his jokes
And then sobered
With his philosophy
One foot bare
Waiting for the hole to patch.

I have heard and seen
Men with fish basket full
Shoeless, walking
From the stony beach
To the cobblestone plaza
Loudly chanting
The content of their baskets.

I have heard the
Voices of women
Singing to the
Clothes-washing waters
Of a river
That never stops to sing along.

Where did that human go?
Is that human
Who tells stories by the fire,
That human who cares for
The aged at home
Forever gone?
Will he ever return?
Will I ever see him again?


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